G4S chosen to upgrade security for Washington ferry system

14:56 | 12/11/2012

OMAHA, Neb.—G4S Technology, an integrator based here, has been chosen to complete a security update for the Ferries Division of the Washington State Department of Transportation, according to a joint press release from G4S and CNL Software. 


SecurTek acquires new accounts in Manitoba

14:54 | 12/11/2012

YORKTON, Saskatchewan—SecurTek Monitoring Solutions has acquired 1,400 customer accounts from Manitoba-based Priority Alarms in a deal worth $715,000, SecurTek announced on Nov. 6. 


Apple patent application involves theft-alarm for phones

11:33 | 02/11/2012

Application imagines a smartphone that could decipher what kinds of movement take place during a phone robbery, and then sound an alarm. 


Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)

16:26 | 31/10/2012

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) has been successfully applied to a wide variety of digital communications applications over the past several years and has been adopted as the wireless LAN standard.


Honeywell expands 4G to VISTA line of alarm panels

16:20 | 29/10/2012

MELVILLE, N.Y.—Honeywell has expanded 4G alarm communications to its popular VISTA platform, which the company says will maximize equipment longevity and performance for dealers.

The company’s first 4G VISTA panels, the GSMX4G and the GSMV4G, were launched on Oct. 22. Like the LYNX Touch 5100, a self-contained 4G system that made its debut in March at ISC West, the new products are based on the HSPA+ network 


U.S. looks to replace human surveillance with computers

15:51 | 29/10/2012

Security cameras that watch you, and predict what you'll do next, sound like science fiction. But a team from Carnegie Mellon University says their computerized surveillance software will be capable of "eventually predicting" what you're going to do  


FTC Furrows Brows Over Facial-Recognition Tech

16:37 | 25/10/2012

Twenty years ago, the idea that a billboard could recognize me, display an ad that would target me with laser precision, and even call out my name to make sure I looked up would have seemed outlandish. That scenario didn't seem quite so absurd a few years ago in "Minority Report," and now government officials are advising best practices for implementing facial recognition tech. Call it loss-of-privacy creep. 


Hackers steal customer data from Barnes & Noble keypads

16:34 | 25/10/2012

Point-of-sale terminals at 63 bookstores are found to have been modified to hijack customers' credit card and PIN information. 


Huawei Coughs Up Down Under

16:31 | 25/10/2012

Today in international tech news: Huawei goes transparent, offering unfettered access to its software code in Australia. Also: Netflix's Asian expansion could hinge on local partners, and the U.S. says that Iran was responsible for a cyberattack on a Saudi oil company.